Can become the home of the divine spirit

October 2nd 2011
How many people are aware that in the places they spend time in, the very walls, the objects, in fact everything, becomes impregnated with their emanations? This is the magical side of our presence: we each leave traces on our surroundings which act as good or poor conductors of heavenly influences. If we continually send out negative thoughts, words and feelings, the objects act like magnets to attract certain dark, harmful currents circulating in the universe. And the opposite is also true: if we entertain thoughts and feelings of wisdom and love, if we say life-enhancing words, we leave beneficial fluids on objects, which become conductors of light, joy and health. So when you are at home, learn to touch objects with love, to bless them and ask heavenly entities to come and dwell in them. Say, ‘Spirits of light, purity and truth, I consecrate these objects to you. May they become your home.’ You will soon feel how the atmosphere around you becomes alive and vibrant.