Responsibilities towards the earth, our

We can only fulfil them properly by first attuning ourselves with heaven

July 16th 2018
We all have responsibilities towards our family, our friends, and society, and it is essential that we fulfil them as conscientiously as possible. But our duties are not limited to those here on earth. We also have responsibilities towards the divine world and nothing can justify those who refuse to recognize them. Despite their morality and respectability, they eliminate from their lives everything that can bring them inspiration and true light. There exists a higher morality than that on earth – a morality which teaches that it is not enough to uphold the laws of a country or a society. For what is a country or a society in relation to the divine world? It is with the divine world that we must constantly seek to attune ourselves by placing ourselves at its service. And at that point, we will discover that we have acquired within us the means of fulfilling our duties towards the earth even better.