Progress, in order to

Never accept to limit yourself

July 20th 2018
Would you like to know the best way to progress? Never accept limitations or admit defeat before you even begin, otherwise you put obstacles in your own path. How often have you said, ‘This work is too hard for me’ or ‘What dreadful conditions! I won’t be able to stand it’ or ‘I will never be able to bear this’, and so on. And if you do not say it, you think it. Well, when you are so convinced beforehand that you are incapable, weak and vulnerable, then of course, you can only surrender. From now on, whatever the conditions, say to yourself ‘I will manage, I will withstand it, and I will prevail.’ And if you do not quite succeed this time, that is alright, you will do better next time. The essential thing is to never acknowledge defeat in advance.