Physical body, the

Its structure is a testament to the primacy of spirit

July 21st 2018
Let us consider this remarkable structure that is the human body. It can be compared to a building, the framework being the skeletal system, which in nature corresponds to the mineral realm and which, similarly, acts as material support. The muscles are attached to the bones, in the same way that vegetation is attached to the ground. The circulatory system, with its arteries and blood vessels, corresponds to the rivers, streams and lakes, because water is the earth’s blood that nourishes all the vegetation. The respiratory system obviously corresponds to air. And finally the nervous system, upon which the proper functioning of the entire body depends, corresponds to fire, to the sun, which with its light and heat creates and sustains all life. It is not the bones that control our body, but the nervous system, which is the most subtle and the most sophisticated. From this we can draw the conclusion that it is not matter but spirit that we should consider the most important. That is the lesson the physical body teaches us.