Solar plexus, the

Its importance for our psychic equilibrium

July 22nd 2018
When you are anxious, troubled, or irritated, you can feel the repercussions of these psychic states in your solar plexus, as if your energies were escaping or dispersing. The solar plexus can be compared to a vessel that stores vital magnetism, and when it is drained, we lose the ability to concentrate and to function. Every anxiety and feeling of disquiet has a negative influence on the solar plexus, which then suddenly contracts and empties itself of all its energies. Conversely, if you are peaceful, calm or joyful, you feel dilation in your solar plexus, you sense something radiating or flowing like a gurgling spring. The solar plexus is the reservoir of vital forces, the accumulator of all your energies. If you know how to replenish it daily by linking yourself to the four elements, and to the sun and the stars, you will sustain within you a spring that will constantly regenerate you.