The form in which we shall one day live there

July 24th 2018
When we see how certain painters have portrayed angels in churches or museums – with a head and a pair of wings – many Christians imagine that they will one day live in this form in paradise. In their view, the liver, the stomach, the intestines, and especially the sexual organs are not sufficiently noble to enter paradise with them. In reality, humans enter paradise entirely whole, and with such beauty and purity – just as God created them in the beginning. They have the same organs, but in another form, or rather another quintessence, for forms no longer exist in the great beyond, only currents of force and function. Nothing is missing, everything is there, even the genitalia, but in the form of powers and virtues, because the organs of our physical body are, in fact, the expression and the realization of divine virtues. And if you could see humans with these lights and colours endlessly streaming from them, you would never tire of contemplating them.