Disinherited creatures

Even for them, all is not lost

July 25th 2018
Even the most disinherited creature must never think that their life is lost. Whatever their current state – even sick, handicapped, or cripple – they must realize that there is always something they can do. For example, they can concentrate on the faculties and qualities they would like to have, working with patience and conviction to form a picture in their mind of how they would like to be. Perhaps they will not see many results in this incarnation, but they are in the process of setting the stage for the next one; and even in this life, they can already change something within themselves thanks to their efforts. No wish, no desire, be it good or bad, remains without results. The moment you have a wish, it is realized in the invisible world. It takes a long time for it to occur on the physical plane, but you should never give in to discouragement. Nourish within you the best desires, and in the meantime, the very beauty of these desires will begin to impregnate your entire being.