Devastating fires

July 26th 2018
Someone who is given to excess or who leads a disorderly life is said ‘to burn the candle at both ends’. Although they use this expression, most people are not that careful about the use they make of their energies. They act as if these energies will be automatically replenished. A few elements can indeed be replaced, for Cosmic Intelligence has built the human body in such a manner as to repair certain losses with time. But if a person leads a life of passion, the losses are irreparable, for passions are raging fires that gradually consume their most precious possessions. And as passions give them the illusion of living intensely, instead of trying to control them, they feed them, without realizing that what they are losing can never be regained. So be aware of the repercussions of your emotions and your feelings on your physical and psychic equilibrium, in order to harmoniously continue to build your inner edifice.