Thinkers and artists

Their responsibility

July 27th 2018
Philosophers, writers and artists have a duty to reflect on the effects their works may have on the public, because even if human justice does not hold them accountable, divine justice – which judges according to a different set of criteria – certainly will. If they are unaware of their responsibility, one day, when they arrive in the other world, they will be shown the damage they have done. However they may protest their innocence, the reply will be, ‘No, these people have suffered because of you. You have introduced confusion into their minds and hearts, you have encouraged them to engage in risky experiments, without warning them of the dangers they run. You are guilty and you will be punished.’ Each of you must take care to use your gifts to enlighten others, to awaken in them love, confidence in life, and the desire to better themselves. Otherwise, know that not only will you be punished, but in a future incarnation you will be deprived of these gifts.