Bad inclinations, our

Seek out allies to confront them in our stead

July 31st 2018
Do not insist on fighting against your bad inclinations on your own, for not only do you run the risk of not winning, you will weaken and even destroy yourself. Why? Because by battling with yourself, you become divided, and this division makes you even more vulnerable. It is very dangerous to fight yourself. You may say that moral and religious teachings never cease to preach the relentless struggle against the evil in humans. I know, but in doing so, they reveal that they do not know true psychology. Obviously, it is not a question of letting evil win. But you can learn to defeat it by asking other forces within you to fight in your stead. These other forces are the luminous powers you have attracted and foster through your love for all that is beautiful, great and divine. So, instead of launching a direct attack on your instincts and finding yourself either floored or terribly unhappy because you have had to give up some of the satisfactions you need, set these forces of light against them to neutralize them.