Objective world and subjective world

A spiritual person must learn to adjust them

August 5th 2018
A materialist believes in the reality of the visible world and a spiritual person believes in the reality of the invisible world. Their beliefs give them powers on one or the other world. A materialist has very little power in the realm of thoughts and feelings, because they identify too much with the physical plane. The danger for them is therefore that they are powerless in resolving problems in their inner world. The danger for a spiritual person on the other hand lies in the fact that from the moment they become capable of changing the flow of their thoughts and feelings, of transforming their sorrow into joy and discouragement into hope, they tend to imagine they are also easily capable of changing the outside world. Well no! The objective world and the subjective world both exist and rather than confuse the two, a spiritual person must know where the correspondences between these two worlds lie and must then adjust to them so as to carry out their work effectively.