Inner dwelling, our

In which we need to accumulate riches

August 7th 2018
How much time in one day do you actually spend with the outside world, with humans, animals, plants and objects? A few hours maybe. And how much of your time is spent with just yourself? Day and night, your whole existence. This shows that your inner life is more important than anything else. You must therefore see to it that order, beauty, abundance and riches reign within you. But what is seen on the outside? Most humans spend their time organising the outside world and filling it with objects of all kinds: products, devices, structures and weapons. It’s impressive. And all the while, they let disorder, weakness, poverty and emptiness reign on the inside. It is time they began to build on the inside all they are busy building on the outside. It is all very well to live in a large, impressive and comfortable house, but what difference does it make if they flee their inner dwelling, as do so many people?