Flowers and fruit

Comparing human beings to them

August 8th 2018
Human beings could be compared to flowers or fruit. When you have contact with them, you look at them, you talk to them, you listen to them, it is as if you were breathing them in, tasting them even, like food, but on a subtle plane. But instead what do you do most of the time when you meet other people? You look at their clothes, their jewellery, their face, their hands, their legs, but you do not seek to nourish yourself in the subtle planes with all the life that is in front of you, hidden, emanating from their heart, from their soul and from their spirit. That is a pity. In future, be more attentive and try to learn to recognize the human beings who carry this life. Stop and think to yourself, ‘Thank you heavenly Father, thank you heavenly Mother. Through these ‘flowers’ and ‘fruit’ I now have the opportunity to come close to you and gaze upon you. Through this splendour I am able to breathe in your fragrance and taste your flavour.’ And you will go home happy because of all these fruit and flowers that you will have encountered.