Spiritual teaching, following a

Requires a complete change within

August 10th 2018
There are people who decide to change their way of life by embracing a spiritual teaching because they feel a certain unease or an inner void. Unfortunately, however, wanting to change one’s life is not enough; inside is where things need to be changed deeply. But these people’s old habits are so deeply encrusted that they refuse to accept the truths of the teaching they think they follow. Or they accept only what suits them and they reject everything that does not fit in with their opinions and tastes. So, what is the point? People who really want to join an initiatic school must realize that the knowledge that will be imparted to them there is not intended simply to be added to the theories and opinions they already hold. If they don’t understand that, they will be like bottles that are already full. And what can be added to a bottle that is already full? Nothing. In order to follow an initiatic teaching, the bottle first needs to start to empty itself.