Moral qualities

The ones we should learn to appreciate

August 12th 2018
The rich, the erudite, the highly successful who hold a public role in society are the people you tend to notice and appreciate. And when you meet people who exhibit great moral qualities such as selflessness, generosity, tolerance and goodness, you fail to appreciate them, or indeed you do not even notice them. But it is thanks to these individuals who do not attract attention or notice, that life is still possible on earth. Whilst the others go to great lengths to draw attention to themselves and fight to push themselves to the front, even if they have to destabilize the planet, they modestly continue their beneficial work in the background. The light, peace and harmony emanating from them purifies the atmosphere and makes the air easier to breathe for everyone. I am not saying this to encourage you to turn your back on all brilliant and talented people, no, because fortunately some of them also possess great moral qualities. I simply wish to draw your attention to the fact that there are other, simple, good and pure people whom you have as yet not been in the habit of noticing.