Identifying its cause and taking action

August 13th 2018
It is impossible not to feel anxious, annoyed or uneasy at one time or another during the day. As soon as you sense you are feeling unsettled, stop and take stock: what exactly is it you are feeling, what has caused you to feel like this? Try to remember what you heard or saw or what you did, said, felt or thought. It is true that we are not always immediately aware of such an inner state and it is only after some time that we begin to realize something dark, heavy and distressing is making us feel unsettled. But this state inevitably has a cause and it is good to try and find the cause so that you may learn from it for the future. If, however, you are unable to detect the cause, do not stay there doing nothing. Concentrate your mind and try to release yourself from this state of unease by connecting with the world of light, which is our only salvation. Immerse yourself in this light, imagine you are swimming in this purifying and enlivening fluid and soon you will feel the weight lift and the shackles release and you will then be in a position to get on with things.