Androgynous –the true nature of our psychic being

August 16th 2018
From a psychic and spiritual point of view, human beings are androgynous in that the masculine principle in them, the father, is represented by the intellect and thought, and the feminine principle, the mother, is represented by the heart and feelings. And the union of the masculine principle and the feminine principle gives birth to the child – will or action. All our actions are the fruit of our thoughts and feelings. There are very active people whose intellect and heart are not so well developed. But in them too, action is necessarily the child of the intellect and the heart, or rather the absence of discernment in their intellect and the absence of love in their hearts. Behaving with intelligence and sensitivity, or wantonly and without love, both give birth to an activity which is the fruit of the intellect and the heart. But the nature of the child depends on the degree of development and culture of the parents. When thoughts are inspired by wisdom, and feelings by love, the actions that follow necessarily bear within them the imprint of that wisdom and love.