By placing the spirit first, we benefit fully from its riches

August 18th 2018
Having sought to explore matter for thousands of years, human beings have reached the point of getting lost in it. Matter is so diverse and so rich that there will always be things to see, hear, touch, taste, accumulate and so on. And with all its technological advances, the modern age has become a giddy descent of the human consciousness into the denseness of matter. But there will come a time when people will begin to feel satiated, saturated, and feel the need to elevate themselves to the spiritual regions. They will feel that by returning to the heights, they will find all the riches they had to leave behind when descending into matter. And not only will they find riches, but, thanks to the light they receive from above, they will be able to benefit even more from all they have already discovered and will continue to discover in the physical plane.