Bodies, causal, buddhic and atmic

How they begin to manifest in us

August 22nd 2018
The subtle world begins within us as the etheric body (the double of the physical body), the astral body (the body of feelings) and the mental body (the body of thoughts). But we also carry within us the seeds of the spiritual bodies, which are the causal body, buddhic body and atmic body. You have certainly felt the presence of these spiritual bodies within you at least once. When an idea suddenly illuminates you and the order of the universe reveals itself to you and you understand its laws: this is the causal body that is making itself a place in your brain. Looking at a work of art, a landscape or someone’s face, you have shivered, you have felt dilated, carried away with joy: this is a manifestation of the buddhic body that is beginning to vibrate in you. A spiritual energy has passed through you and it gives you the strength to face all obstacles: this is the atmic body that is managing to work its way through. If these manifestations occur often, it means that the three bodies – causal, buddhic and atmic – are beginning to take possession of your entire being.