Artist, an

The definition according to initiatic science

August 24th 2018
Unfortunately these days, any kind of racket is called music, any kind of daub is called painting and any gibberish poetry. But what can we truly expect from such art? And yet, it is true that art will save the world. How can we tell a true artist if any oddball now seems to be elevated to the status of ‘artist’? A true artist is an interpreter of philosophy, science and religion, because being an artist means realizing in the physical plane what the mind perceives as being right and true and what the heart feels is good, so that the higher world of the spirit may descend to manifest itself in matter. An artist, in the initiatic sense of the word, is someone who has been able to establish order and reason in his or her thoughts and introduce peace and love in his or her heart, and as such are able to bring beauty and harmony to everything they produce.