Where all impurities amass

August 25th 2018
All creatures have to eat and drink to stay alive and then they have to eliminate the waste. What does this waste consist of? All the elements that are no longer of use to the body. But these elements were contained in food and drink that were good since they enabled them to stay alive. Yes, and this is a fact of everyday life that is worth some contemplation. Whatever the quality of what we eat and drink, there is always waste and this waste needs to be eliminated, and for this there are specific places. This phenomenon occurs in all planes and at all levels of creation. It could therefore be said that hell, with all its inhabitants, should be seen as the place where the impurities of all creatures amass. This hell Christianity has talked about for centuries, depicting it in phantasmagorical shapes and colours, is in fact the rubbish tip where evil – the impurities expelled by all creatures – is discarded.