Cultivate it within you in order to face the changes in the outer world

August 26th 2018
Change is the law of life. This is why, if you imagine that, wherever you go, whatever you do, people will stay where you have left them and that, at any given time you will find them at your disposal and in the same state of mind, you will be very disappointed. For them like for you, everything moves, everything changes, and everything transforms. So by all means, maintain relationships with various people more or less close to you. Ensure that everything that takes place between you does so in the most harmonious way. But do not rely on the stability of your relationship, because one day or another you will be forced to realize that things are not going quite the way you had thought and hoped. So concentrate on strengthening and enlightening yourself, because that is the only sure way to face all changes. If providence has given you a few good and faithful friends who you can always count on, give thanks. Continue to foster a stable and unwavering place within, so that nothing can ever stop you on your path.