Subconscious, the

A world of prehistoric animals

September 3rd 2018
In a human being, the subconscious is made up of regions filled with prehistoric animals: mammoths, dinosaurs, brontosaurus, and so on, and when psychoanalysts explore the subconscious, they are seldom aware of these dangerous regions they are stirring up. All these monsters are there and they are alive. You might say that these animals disappeared a long time ago. They have disappeared from the face of the earth, but they always inhabit man in the form of instincts, impulses and desires. They no longer exist physically, but their astral body exists. And through their astral bodies, all animals, and not only prehistoric animals, are present in the subconscious of humans. That is why psychoanalysts who are not taught by Initiatic Science, and who carelessly stir up the layers of the subconscious, on the pretext of searching for the origin of certain troubles, often succeed only in waking up these animals. I am not saying that psychoanalysis is necessarily dangerous, but it must be carried out by people who are psychologically very strong and very experienced themselves, and who will not let their patients be eaten up by their inner monsters.