Thoughts and feelings, the

We have can be acted out by others

September 4th 2018
Many people unknowingly carry out projects of other people they don’t even know. This is easy to understand – thoughts and feelings are active powers that can influence people who, thanks to their psychic structure, are prepared to pick up certain waves circulating in space. This is how, because of their weakness, some people end up committing crimes; they are forced to act by the power of negative thoughts and feelings others have projected. And since human law is not clairvoyant, it does not punish those who have sent out these criminal thoughts and feelings, but those who have carried them out and are not really guilty. Of course, they are guilty of the weakness and passivity that lead them to become instruments of bad currents, but actually, other people are responsible for these crimes. So be careful with your thoughts and feelings because if they are bad and other people act on them, divine law, which is never mistaken, will hold you responsible.