One will always be exposed to it

September 5th 2018
Someone comes and complains to me that someone has criticized them and they are distraught. I tell them, ‘You are in this state because you did not prepare yourself. You must know in advance that it will be this way all your life. Why do you think you will be spared? So now, stand up straight and tell yourself that it is certainly not the last time you will be criticized, and if you do nothing to reinforce yourself, when it happens again, you will collapse once more.’ Of course, this person is stunned, they expected me to comfort them, to assure them that it would not happen anymore, that they would be spared in the future, and even that I would protect them. I then tell them to get ready for more difficulties of the same type. Yes, I always suggest the methods I myself use: I often tell myself that all kinds of criticism or unpleasant events can take place. If they do not happen, so much the better; but if they do arise, at least I will not be taken by surprise.