Sexual force

Energy with the same quintessence as that of the sun

September 7th 2018
Love is not simply a feeling people experience for one another. Love is an energy originating on high, it is an energy with the same quintessence as that of the sun. The task of men and women is to receive this energy and to circulate it within themselves in such a way that it then returns to the heights from which it came. If this circulation does not function as it should, it is because many impurities have accumulated within them as a result of their unbridled instincts and passions. Instead of rising, this energy descends and disappears into the earth where it is lost. When you have worked to purify yourself, when you have become master of yourself and are truly united with God, this energy which descends daily without ceasing will once again make its way up through you. In the universe, as it was designed and constructed by the Creator, heaven is both the point of departure and the destination.