We can avoid it only if we have something to offer

September 8th 2018
Rarely do people know how to go toward others, how to take the first step. Instead, they tell themselves, ‘I am not stupid, I will let others come looking for me, and then, according to how things seem, I will decide what to do.’ That is all very well, but they should know that others will come to find them only if they are useful, if they have something to give. Otherwise, they will remain alone. Just look at how many people go to the baker every day, for example, only to buy bread. The day the baker no longer makes bread, he will have far fewer people coming to him. In whatever domain, if you want to be much sought-after and loved, always have something to give: some thoughtfulness for others, a look, a smile, some words, or a helping hand. People avoid someone who is dull, lifeless, withdrawn and tense. Look at a rose in full bloom spreading its delicious scent – everyone comes to smell it; even bees and butterflies draw near it. But if you remain withdrawn, without perfume, you can wait a very long time for others to come to you. Remember to always have something to give, and you will never be alone.