Spiritual practice

Requires us to free ourselves of less important occupations

September 9th 2018
So many people say, ‘We can see how spiritual practice would bring the solution to our problems, but we have no time to study it or do exercises: we are overloaded with family, work, relationships, and so on’. And in this way they feel justified. Why have they put themselves in situations that limit them so much? Because, in previous incarnations, they have not gone through the necessary evolution that would have helped them benefit now from the light and blessings of Initiatic Science. Some people, as early as their childhood, felt they had to stay free to serve an ideal. It is because they had within them vague recollections of a distant past or they already knew, before they were reincarnated, what they were going to do on earth. Other people think they are right to let themselves be immersed in matter. They say, ‘It’s just too bad, that’s the way it is, that’s life!’ No, life is what we make of it. If some people are so overwhelmed by their material worries, it is because they have not been able to free themselves within.