Read and write

In all subtle regions

September 10th 2018
Generations of human beings have lived very well even though they were unable to read or write. But we now live in a culture which demands that we know how to read and write, and it is unthinkable that we could do without these skills. But we should not stop there since reading and writing are two activities that we must also learn to exercise on other planes. According to Initiatic Science, to read is to be able to decipher the subtle and hidden aspect of objects and beings, to interpret the symbols and signs that Cosmic Intelligence has placed everywhere in the great book of the universe. And to write is to be capable of leaving our mark on this great book, of influencing stones, plants, animals and human beings through the magical force of our spirit. Even being able to read and write in all languages that exist in the world is not enough; we must prepare ourselves to read and write in all realms of the universe.