Its skin, flesh and seed: comparison with the physical body, the soul and the spirit

September 11th 2018
Nothing is more important than the seed in a fruit; thanks to this seed, one can eventually grow thousands of fruit trees. That is why nature is only interested in seeds and pits. From a symbolic point of view, the seed, or the pit, is the spirit. The flesh is the space where life – the soul – circulates. And the skin is the material envelope, the physical body. One cannot deny that the physical body is important: it is like a bottle which keeps the scent from evaporating – it retains the soul and spirit. However, a true human being is not a body, nor is it the perishable soul – it is this imperceptible point somewhere within, which enables humans to think, to love and to create. Cosmic Intelligence is not very attached to the physical body in that the latter is left to die and be buried. Even the soul is material and disappears one day. Only the spirit is immortal, and Cosmic Intelligence ensures it returns to the celestial regions, from where it will one day descend again to incarnate in a new body. When eating fruit, try to meditate on what it reveals about our own life.