Incarnation, the next

The work to be done to improve it

September 12th 2018
In this incarnation, you cannot change much of what you are. And therefore your destiny cannot be changed either. Your current psychic matter resists, and until it is worn out, it cannot be replaced. But you have great possibilities for improvement in your next incarnation, provided you wish it and work in that direction. Why do some people lead such deplorable lives? Because, in previous incarnations, they did not know what to ask for or what to work on in order to have more gifts and virtues in their present life. If they continue to be unaware of this now, the next incarnation will be as bad or even worse. Those who have been taught these laws, now try to imagine and wish for the best things for their next incarnation and live in harmony with these wishes. For everything they start to create with their spirit and soul in this way will gradually crystallize, and when they come back, their inner work will be made easier.