Straight line and the curve, the

Two ways of going forward

September 14th 2018
In general, men have more of a tendency to follow a straight line and women, a curved line. Women know that they will rarely gain the upper hand through force. For a long time they have been in a situation of subordination to men and have learnt to develop their insight, flexibility and diplomacy, and they can extricate themselves from the most embarrassing situations. As for men, who have a tendency to walk straight ahead, they inevitably come up against obstacles. In the end it is true that these conflicts can make men exceptional beings to whom one can entrust great responsibilities. We must know how to follow a straight line. But this does not mean that the straight line is always preferable to the curved line: it all depends on the context and circumstances. The movement of light follows both a straight line and a curve, and this teaches us that we must know how to go forward according to both the masculine and feminine principles which are respectively rigid and inflexible, and also supple and accommodating.