Respect it and love it so as to taste true life

September 15th 2018
Nature is alive and you must respect it. You might say, ‘I don’t see how my respect can change anything for nature.’ Even if it changes nothing for nature, do it at least for yourself. If you pay attention to stones, plants, animals, human beings, and even to the objects surrounding you, your consciousness will develop and broaden, and you will be enriched with all the life that breathes and vibrates around you. Until you understand this, do not be surprised if you feel something is missing in your life. Would you like to give meaning to your life? Imagine yourself united with the forces and light beings of nature and see yourself communicating with them. This uninterrupted daily communion with a multitude of creatures is true life. Cultivate respect and love for nature and nature will talk to you, because you too are a part of it.