Spiritual work

It alone will bear witness to you

September 20th 2018
Continue tirelessly with the spiritual work you have started and let this work speak for you. Try not to impress others and attract their attention; it is your inner work that must speak, not you. You must not hide your aspirations for a new life of beauty, light and surpassing yourself, but you must not display them either. Since you are working on yourself and you have asked spirit to model and sculpt your inner being, let this show in the features of your face, in your attitude, and in your gestures. Stay simple and natural, don’t seek recognition with affected behaviour. Since you follow a spiritual teaching, know that your qualities of wisdom, purity, kindness and nobility will show through your expression and your attitude, without any need on your part to assume all sorts of poses and inspired airs to advertise them. Allow your inner work to speak for itself, and even without your realizing, it will bear witness to you.