Is the force of life of which the sun is the source

September 23rd 2018
Fire is the source of life, and because it holds the secret of eternal life, we must seek to know it, attract it and harmonise with it so we can become its friend. Watch the branches of a tree burn. The life contained in the wood is very precious because it comes from the sun. A tree is a living creature which knows not only how to fix air, water and earth for the formation of its roots, trunk and branches, but also how to attract and accumulate solar energy. Make every effort, therefore, to become friends with fire. While watching branches burn, remember that it is in the sun that you will find true fire and the source of life. This is why I will never stop reminding you of the benefits the sun can bring us as it rises. In contemplating the sunrise, we seek to receive the living fluid which circulates in the universe, so that it may purify, strengthen and enlighten us.