Psychic endurance

The importance of nutrition and of thoughts and feelings

September 25th 2018
Psychic endurance is a very precious quality you must try to acquire by learning to work on the cells of your body. Start with the food you eat. Choose the simplest and healthiest food, and as you eat, train yourself to draw from it, through thought, the purest and most vital elements that will give your cells suppleness and strength. You will have noticed that some people who have received a great shock rapidly regain their balance, whereas others find it more difficult to recover. This is because their psychic matter is more flexible. And this flexibility can be attained through the food you eat. When you eat, you introduce matter into your body for it to build not only your physical body, but also your subtle bodies, and it is important to eat in a state of peace and harmony. Of course, it is not enough just to watch the way you eat; you must also be vigilant in your thoughts, feelings and desires. By working to purify and enlighten them, you will gradually manage to acquire the ability to react quickly and to easily withstand shocks and tensions, both physical and psychic.