Spiritual work

The action of our spirit on our matter

October 2nd 2018
While the two principles of spirit and matter – the masculine principle and the feminine principle – originate in the celestial regions, they take action in all regions as they manifest their polarity on all planes. When you yourself work, you are the spirit who forms matter. This is true when you seek to create an object or simply prepare a meal. But it is even more so when it comes to spiritual work. When you become aware of the need to improve certain aspects of yourself and decide to take on this work, you polarise yourself: you are going to work on both the masculine principle – yourself, your spirit – and the feminine principle – your physical matter. To draw close to who you really are – your divine Self – you must learn to distinguish your ‘self’ from your ‘non-self’, and distance yourself from what you ordinarily call your ‘self’, which in reality is not you. Only then can you begin the true work of spirit on matter.