Thoughts and feelings

Children we must educate

October 3rd 2018
Parents are held responsible for their children’s misdemeanours until they come of age. When children cause damage at school or elsewhere, their parents are called in and are asked to make reparation. If they refuse, they are taken to court. Well, the same happens within us. If we allow bad thoughts and feelings to run riot within us, like unruly children they will cause damage everywhere in the invisible world, and divine justice will hold us accountable. You might say you have no control over your thoughts and feelings, and you are not responsible for them. You are mistaken. Just as you are responsible for your actions, you are accountable for your thoughts and feelings. In fact, this is one of the fundamental principles of Initiatic Science. Thoughts and feelings are living, active entities which you have the power to educate. Human laws judge you only on your actions, but divine laws also judge your thoughts and feelings.