Narrow gate, the

The gate of initiation

October 4th 2018
Initiation is an ascetic path that teaches human beings to rid themselves of their weaknesses and all their lower tendencies. It can be compared to the narrow opening in the ground or in a rock through which a snake passes when it must shed its skin. That is why Jesus said, ‘Enter through the narrow gate. Because wide is the gate and spacious the path which leads to perdition.’ Disciples prepare themselves to pass through the narrow gate that will remove their old skin. And instead of being worried and afraid, they must rejoice in becoming a new person with new thoughts, new feelings, and new habits, worthy of a true child of God. It may be said that during their lifetime, all human beings pass through two gates: those of birth and death. But there is also a third gate – that of initiation – a gate through which may pass only those capable of a great work of purification and detachment.