Invisible world, the

The false reasoning of those who refuse to acknowledge its existence

October 6th 2018
Some people say, ‘I only believe in what I see.’ This merely proves that they are not thinking, because, what are they engaged in day and night? In their own thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others. And can they see these thoughts and feelings? No. So why is it that they are so real to these people? A man and a woman love each other; they cannot see their love, they cannot touch it, but because of it they are ready to move heaven and earth. And what about the soul and the conscience? Who has seen them? When a person’s fate is decided in a court of law with words evoking the soul and the conscience, how can this be done in the name of something no one has ever seen? Humans believe in invisible and impalpable things throughout their lives, but they refuse to admit it. They think, they feel, they love, they suffer, and they delight, always for reasons that cannot be seen, but in the meantime they insist they believe only in what they see. How contradictory.