Being free

Not expecting appreciation from others

October 7th 2018
Like most people, you feel the need to be appreciated and valued for the good you do. That is quite understandable. In the interest of your own development, however, it would be better to rid yourself of this need. Consider this for a moment: so long as you maintain this need to receive consideration from others, you are vulnerable. You feel disappointed and down, because you feel you have not been treated with the esteem, the recognition, or the love you think you deserve. Why? You are a son or daughter of God – is it not enough that your virtues are recognized by God? No, you fret and torment yourself because human beings – sometimes very ordinary people – do not show you their esteem, respect, and admiration. But you are wasting your time, because human beings do not care two hoots about your hurt pride. So long as you need the appreciation of others you will not be able to progress. Forget all that a little and you will be amazed how free you will feel.