Meaning of life, the

We can only find it after much inner work

October 8th 2018
So many people complain that they cannot find meaning in their life. They do not know that to find the meaning of life is to find an element that only the divine world can give us. And the divine world only gives it to those who over many years endeavour to reach it. Indeed, the meaning of life is the reward for the patient and constant inner work a person has undertaken to do on themselves. When they have reached a certain state of consciousness, they receive from heaven an element that is extremely precious, like a drop of light, a quintessence that impregnates the entire matter of their being. From that moment on, their life takes on a new dimension and intensity, and they see everything with new clarity, as if they had been given the gift of knowing the true reason for everything. And even death no longer frightens them, because this particle they have received from heaven uncovers before them a world where there is no more danger or darkness, and they feel they are already travelling the infinite road of light.