Obtained through contact with the divine world

October 14th 2018
Symbolically, one can say electricity is the type of heating that corresponds to spiritualists. Why? Because true spiritualists are people who know how to connect directly to the power station of the divine world to set in motion their inner equipment. They turn on the switch and immediately feel a beneficial heat, a spiritual heat filling their heart. By analogy too, to warm themselves, the majority of humans resort to wood, coal, petroleum, and fuel oil, that is, to badly controlled feelings, emotions, and desires, and they must frequently discard the ashes and slag, and bring in new fuel. Yes, but they do so without great success; they are always cold, even if they start fires with their uncontrolled passions. And yet, all beings have in their subtle bodies ‘equipment’ that enables them to instantly give off a beneficial heat; but to make this equipment work, they must seek contact with the divine world.