Must be the aim of our activities

October 17th 2018
Even if they enjoy their job, people’s professional activities only affect them superficially. Their qualities cannot all be awakened by working in an office, in a factory, in a shop, doing research work in a laboratory or teaching children. This is often why their job frequently tires or bores them. The only way for them to overcome fatigue and boredom, is to work jointly with their thought, feeling and will, and in so doing, this will give their activities a deeper meaning, touching the roots of their being. Such meaning can only be approached with the idea of perfection. So, from now on, make sure your activities work towards one and the same goal and make this goal perfection, your perfection. You will then activate within you powers that will transform you to the depth of your being. This work, the only truly useful work, will never tire or bore you. Try to enjoy it to the point where not a day goes by without you feeling that through your activities, you have been able to set in motion beneficial forces within and all around you.