Physical plane, the

Is not always the destination

October 19th 2018
If clairvoyants are able to predict future events it is because they have seen these events already take place in the invisible world. The events that occur on earth are the result of events that first occurred up above, in the subtle planes. It takes some time for these events to reach the physical plane, but they inevitably do occur, because they are already recorded up above. Their realization is simply the outcome of a long process. If you look at a snake – however long it may be, its tail will always follow where its head has gone before. Because the tail always follows the head. And just like the serpent’s tail, the physical world always follows what has already occurred in the subtle planes: the etheric, astral and mental planes. When you transpose this to humans, the head represents their thoughts and the tail represents their actions. In practice, this means that those who are patient enough to nurture a spiritual ideal for a long time without ever becoming discouraged, will one day be able to train their tail, by which I mean change their actions, their behaviour, and even transform their physical body.