Symbolic interpretation

October 12th 2011
From the point of view of Initiatic Science, the number 2 represents the 1 polarized as positive and negative, masculine and feminine, active and passive. As soon as there is manifestation, there is partition, division. In 1 there can be no creation, because no exchanges are possible. In order to manifest and make itself known, 1 has to divide. Unity is the privilege of God himself, his exclusive domain. In order for God, the 1, to create, he had to become 2. In order to create, therefore, God projected himself beyond himself by polarizing, and the universe was born from the existence of these two poles. The positive pole exerts an attraction on the negative pole, and vice versa. This is the mechanism of action and reaction, which activates and sustains the movement of life. The cessation of this movement would bring stagnation and death, a return to the state of original non-differentiation. The first lines from the book of Genesis reveal that creation proceeded through successive separations. On the first day of creation, God separated the light from the dark. On the second day, he separated the waters above from the waters below. On the third day, he separated the waters from dry land. The 1 is an entity closed in on itself. To leave this state, this entity must become 2.