Divine laws

By abiding by them we will receive the revelation of true knowledge

October 20th 2018
Initiatic Science brings you new knowledge, but this knowledge will not remain with you if you do not live in harmony with divine laws. And living in harmony with divine laws means possessing the true science of life. Then yes, eternal, universal, cosmic knowledge will disclose itself to you and every day you will make new discoveries and new lights will come on within you. You already possess this knowledge, you always have, but it is so deeply embedded that you have difficulty in making it rise to the surface. Only a divine, harmonious life can help you uncover it; no need for books or for learning, this life will teach you the essentials. This is why you must not rely on your knowledge gained from books; if you do not live in harmony with heaven, it will all be wiped away, and you will lose it all, even the gifts with which you have been blessed. Strive to bring yourself into harmony with the divine world and you will discover true knowledge – knowledge that you will never lose.