Spiritual practice

Is based on the repetition of the same truths

October 22nd 2018
I want to help you, I want to see you happy; that is why I go back over this fundamental question of nourishment for the soul and spirit so often. Until you learn to nourish your soul and spirit, you will feel unsatisfied, empty, and in a void. You should not have the same attitude toward spiritual science as you have toward other sciences. You study grammar, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and so on, and once you have assimilated the different notions set out in your books, you do not need to repeat them every day, you know them. Let us take grammar: once you have learnt how to conjugate verbs and so on, it is useless to review the rules or other details every day. But the same is not true of spiritual life – simply reciting what you have read does not mean you have truly understood it. No, spiritual life, on the contrary, is based on repetition. Every day you must go deeper into the same truths until they become flesh and blood within you.