Sexual force

When you do not master it, it closes the door to the divine world

October 23rd 2018
Men and women who blindly obey their sexual impulses do not realize to what psychic dangers they are exposing themselves. Consider alcoholics: wine is an excellent thing, but they have abused it, and look at what a pitiful state they are in now. Sexual energy is also an excellent thing, but not if we abuse it. You may say that you know men and women whose dissolute lives do not prevent them from educating themselves and holding jobs. Yes, of course, sensuality is compatible with certain intellectual and artistic faculties. But if one day they wish to do spiritual work, they will not be able to, because they will have lost the necessary elements, their most precious quintessence, and moreover they will no longer have the desire to rise higher in themselves – like bees that have gorged themselves on honey and become too heavy to fly. It is the same with men and women who have not learned to master their sexual instincts – they cannot fly. The heavenly regions are forbidden to them.