Never comes from god, but from the laws we have infringed

October 24th 2018
Monotheist religions have represented the Lord as a ruthless, vindictive and jealous master who sees everything we do and punishes even the slightest wrong-doing. The truth is that the Lord does not even want to see our wrong-doings. He embodies love, and lives only in splendour. But he has created the world based on laws and these laws punish those who infringe them. Let us suppose you have done something silly; you feel troubled by it and you pray, and in your prayer you feel you are escaping your torment, and suddenly you feel you are reaching God’s Throne. And even if you are tattered and covered in dust, God welcomes you and he orders for you to be washed and dressed, he invites you to his feast in the company of the angels and the blessed. When you go back down – because inevitably you will have to go back down, you are not able to remain up there for very long – your torment returns. And it will continue until you understand how you should correct your mistakes to one day be able to remain forever close to God.